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Grease Trap Pumping

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Grease Trap Pumping

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What is grease trap pumping?

Grease traps capture grease and oil from kitchen waste before it flows into the sewer. Because fat and oil are less dense than water, they float to the top. Grease traps the grease by using a series “baffles”. Once the grease has become too thick, these traps will need to be removed.

Services in commercial plumbing

Plumbers Tri-Cities Wa provides business services. Regular grease trap cleaning is a must for many businesses, including restaurants and other foodservice businesses. It is essential that your commercial kitchen lines are clear of any obstructions if you want to ensure your customers continue to enjoy your foodservice business. Backup is bad for your business. To prevent this problem from affecting your reputation and your bottom line, call Plumbers Tri-Cities Wa

Different types of commercial grease traps

Three types of grease traps are available for commercial use in the United States.

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