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Sewer Repair

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Sewer repair

Cracked sewer pipes are more than just a costly repair. They can cause extensive property damage, and pose serious health risks. When a sewer line breaks down, sewer line repair is the first line defense. The only option is to replace the sewer line if the sewer line can’t be repaired. Plumbercitieswa can provide quality sewer repair or replacement, no matter how difficult or long-winded.

Signs of a broken sewer pipe:

Pipe Coating – Through this method, we will provide you with new pipes from the inside out. We can also line existing sewer pipes with a kind of “sleeve” to prevent cracks in the pipes. First, we will clean the pipe. Then we will apply the coating, which will harden in just a few hours.

Hydraulic Break Pipe Replacement – If your sewer pipe is badly damaged, we may need to pull a new sewer pipe through the old one. This trenchless technique involves the use of hydraulic systems to further break up the old damaged one and seamlessly replace it with a new tube.

Preventive Pipeline Maintenance – Lastly, it’s important to help prevent damage to your sewer lines in the first place. With regular inspections and drain cleaning services, you can keep significant debris and buildup out of your pipes and prevent cracks, clogs, or explosions.

Are tree roots threatening your sewer lines? Are your pipes leaking sewage that is not healthy? Call the Plumbertricitieswa team immediately! Plumbertricitieswa can quickly and efficiently repair broken, warped, or collapsed sewer pipes. Some cases are easy to spot, but others may require more work.

In general, any type of pipe—regardless of the materials it’s made of—can break due to extreme inner (water) and outer (ground) pressure.

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