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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

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Trenchless Sewer line repair

Repair of commercial trenchless sewer lines

We understand the frustration of dealing with a leaking or ruptured sewer line. You may think that the plumbers will need to dig up your property and replace the plumbing. This can be both annoying and unpleasant. Plumbers Tri-Cities WA can provide you with an alternative if you need one.

The new pipes we use are made to last for 100 years and comply with all building codes. They are also resistant to chemicals and deflect roots.

Trenchless sewer line repair is offered by our qualified plumbers. This means that we don’t need to dig up your property in order to make professional, efficient repairs. Trenchless repairs can be completed faster without causing damage to your lawn. Our plumbers will solve your problem in just one visit, and leave your property looking as good as when they found it. This means that you will have less to do and a quicker return to normalcy.

What is trenchless pipe repair?

Trenchless pipe repair allows you to repair or replace an underground pipe completely without having to dig it up. Instead, plumbers will make two holes at the ends of each damaged pipe. We used the Pipe Pull method to attach a new pipe/pipe liner into place using a pointed installation head. This allows us to solve the problem completely without needing to remove the old pipe.

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